Sunday, February 28, 2010

Date 64 and Weirdos on Every Corner

I had a really good date with Mr. Sweetie last Monday. We went to a local sports bar and shot the breeze about our weekend, our day at work, etc. I've spoken to him via text this week, but hardly doubt we'll go out again. Just didn't crank my tractor. Nice guy though. I hope I can maintain some type of friendship with him.

So, I met this guy through a dating website, told him that I would be at a certain bar here in town if he wanted to hang out. So, he comes to the bar, doesn't introduce himself or anything. Instead, he sits back and WATCHES me the whole time. So, later on that night, he texts me telling me about what I had on, what I was doing, who I was sitting with, etc. WEIRD! So, I finally meet him last night, and he said we'd hang out later on because he was at the same party with a group of friends. Well, today he tells me that he was watching me all night, what I was doing, blah blah blah. JUST WEIRD! He's gotta go-I don't know why he feels the need to "watch" me. I'm not scared though because I'm a good 2 heads taller than him and I'll whoop him if he even attempted to mess with me.

Been busy busy with work and other stuff, so the dating has had to take a backseat to all of my other extracurricular activities. Padre and I are still friends and he's now my neighbor. We hang out all the time and I'm glad we stayed friends. But, I'm beginning to get the Tin Man Syndrome. I'm just real hard hearted right now. With the Mississippi Hippie wanting to spend all of last weekend with me and then not hearing from him in over a week, it's getting harder on the old ticker with every fleeting disappointment each guy brings along into my life. I try to use my head instead of my heart so much. My friend Charlie says that you know it's a match when both the head AND the heart agree on someone. And I couldn't agree more.


  1. Um. Creepy McCreepster needs to go away. And yeah...having the head and heart agree must be nice.