Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Friends and Followers, I am SOOOOOO sorry that it's been well, awhile, since I've posted anything. Dealing with this breakup from The Last Guy Who I Was Gonna Date has been a doozy, let me tell ya. I didn't use my "coping skills" very well, but with the help of some AMAZING friends and family, I see a light at the end of my tunnel, thank ya Baby Jeez!

I had my 100th date with Padre, who has become like family to me. So see girls, just because a boy doesn't like you doesn't mean you can't still be great friends. I had a great turnout and had tons of fans and friends show up for my 100th date. We danced to the musical stylings of The Fearless Four (go see them next time they play in Jackson) and had a marvelous time! And as happy as I was to meet my milestone, let me tell ya, it was such a sweet relief to be DONE. I put a lot of pressure on myself and had a lot of heartaches, but I really learned alot. This is what I learned on my anthropological study on dating.
1.) You cannot jump too fast too soon. It will only hurt you in the long run.
2.) It takes 3 weeks for the person you're dating to reveal his true self. And also your true self. This can be awesome, or this can be disastrous, but it happens, and YOU NEED for it to happen.
3.) Gay men and Sugar Daddies should always be in your life. ALWAYS.
4.) Take constructive criticism from your friends, sort out what they say, then take what you believe in your heart to make any decisions.
5.) ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUT INSTINCT! Make it your best friend and learn to listen to it.
6.) If a man tells you he's crazy, jealous, controlling, etc. you had BEST believe him.
7.) If you pray with candles lit, and lay out everything for God to play it out, you'll get so much peace and answers from this activity. DO IT NOW or as soon as you can.
8.) Don't take every disappointment to heart. Hell, it IS them, if they can't see how awesome of a woman you are. Let them Press The Fuck On, and you do the same. PTFO!
9.) Don't make anyone stay in your life that's negative. Get rid of them ASAP, for they are the poison that's bringing you down. This applies to everyone-friends, exes, etc. GET'EM OUT and continue to PTFO to something that's not a killjoy.
10.) Don't try to force the square into a circle. It ain't gonna fit. Yeah, that guy you're dating may be the most prominent bush hogger in South MS, but if you feel things are not moving along in the way you feel comfortable with, reevaluate, make a decision, then PTFO.

I've had 102 dates so far, one was with my best gay friend (you can NEVER have too many of them), and one was with a great friend (Gothic Cowboy, from earlier posts.) I've had some "admirers", but to tell you the truth, I have no desire to date at the moment. My heart needs a break, and so does my social calendar. I needed the two months from blogging to "get my shit straight," and it's been good to just chillax for a moment. Now, I may still go on dates, but as far as on a hellbent husband hunt, no, I'm not doing that. I've got ALOT of things going great for me right now. I'm really excited about where my journey in this life is gonna lead me, because I'm keeping the faith and fighting the good fight. :)

Now to Bad Date I Had Last Week: This guy, who I've friended on FB, asked me to meet him at a club because he was playing with his band. Even though I was dog busted tired from working 14+ hours, I still managed to drag my tired tail up to his gig. We went outside to talk, and he bummed like 5 cigarettes from the folks standing around us. I told him I was going inside to get a beer, and he says, "Yeah, buy me one too." I looked a little discerning, but when in and got MYSELF a beer, and told him the bar was that a-way! He then starts telling me of all these "famous people" he knows, I guess trying to impress me (you know how musicians are. Well, guys in general, they're just trying to make themselves look good. Hey, I've told tons of stories about me meeting John Schneider, Bo Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard, so I get it. LOL!) I tell him it's about time for me to go on home and ask him if he'd walk me to my car. Dude looks at me and says, "Nah, that's OK. Don't really feel like it." What. The. Hell. As I was walking out, this guy says, "Ma'am, I'd love to walk you to your car. It's what guys do for a lady." How sweet. At least there's some good ones out there. (And by the way, my car was parked to a policeman so I felt safe having this random nice stranger walk me to my car. And I also had a switchblade and a can of Bengal wasp spray my deddy gave me because it's cheaper than Mace and sprays 50 feet, so I was ready.)

So, looks like this "non dating" scene may be funnier than the other ones. Y'all stay tuned and keep reading/following my crazy quest for love!

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